Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Channeling his inner Hal!

February 22, 2017

Richard has spent a lot of time this winter in his shop making "drawers" he was inspired by his father Hal Elliott who created a set of drawers similar to this one when Richard was a kid...

Vermillion Corn

February 21, 2017

Richard keeps the deer in our neighborhood well fed, which is why we see so many visitors in our back yard. Here  Today we ventured out to the Vermillion Elevator to pick up some corn by the pound for the deer. Richard brought his plastic bins to fill up. The place is still run by the Ries family who have a long history of harvest in this area.

Out in the front of the building was a sculpture by Dale Lewis who is a local artist. This Rhinoceros is made out of recycled Harley Davidson tail pipes!

Open House

February 19, 2017.

Our Buffalo house is back on the market for sale, so we hosted an open house. While we were there, Richard finished up some work on two light fixtures that he installed to update the bathrooms! We had 2 nice families stop by to take a look at the house...we are hopeful that the right customer will show up soon!

Here is the new light fixture in the master bath!
 Similar new light fixture in the 2nd bathroom upstairs.
 The snow has completely melted and we had 60 degree temps.

 View of downtown Minneapolis on our 82 mile drive home.


February 17, 2017

Today I met with T at the Mall of America. I had a few errands to run later in the day and she had to pick up her hubby at the airport, so MOA was a convenient place to meet. We thought we'd start out with a little lunch in the newly renovated part of the mall called Cullinary on North...very fancy! We decided on Piada because it looked fresh and delicious. I enjoyed the seasonal salad and like Therese said, if I could have licked the bowl, I would have! Always fun to spend a little time with this chick and chat! XOXO

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Love Dinner

February 15, 2017

Will you accept this rose?

Kip and LaVonne and Pat and Nancy joined us for a little day after Valentines dinner. Richard called a couple of my siblings to invite them to surprise the wives with a fun evening on Valentines, but it was rescheduled due to niece Coco's playoff hockey game. The evening was beautiful with an appearance from the deer and a fly-by of the International Space Station  We enjoyed ceasar salads, chicken and rice and cheesecake for desert. The boys presented us with single roses throughout dinner! SO sweet!

Coco Playoffs

February 14, 2017

Fun night watching Coco Francis in the nets outlast Centennial in section semifinal!  The game was action packed with lots of shots on net. These girls skated their hearts out!

Before the game, we met the team parents at the local VFW for beer and pizza and what they call a "Safety Meeting"!

Winter Deer

February 1 , 2017

Most evenings Richard drops 3 small piles of corn out in the field for the deer. They have been coming out of the woods in full force for a little "happy hour" here at Luck E Acres! We have had as many as 13 at one time.